Dr Shrey Shah is an experienced dental practitioner offering a range of dental services including complex restorations, full mouth rehabilitation, Smile design, Dental implants, Wisdom teeth extractions, Root canal treatment, Crowns and bridges, Paediatric dentistry and Family dentistry. Dr Shah graduated from Gujarat University in India in 2011. He practised in India for a multi-location practice for two-and-a-half years before moving to Australia in 2014. He completed his Australian registration requirement in 2016 and since has been working in a number of private practices. Throughout his career, he has always been up to date with the latest innovations in dentistry and keeps enhancing his skills with continuing professional education to provide his patients the best service possible. Dr. Shrey has been a local since 2018. In his free time Dr Shrey loves to play tennis, watch movies and enjoys spending some quality time with his family.

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